The CM Fitness Principles


The only person you should compete against is yourself


Cease the endless flow of stops and starts: as your life changes, so should your training


Listen to your body's natural cues and it will tell you how it functions best

Our CM Fitness Brand Story

Chantelle’s exercise journey began in competitive school sport, in which pushing the body to extreme limits daily was glorified. After suffering multiple injuries and sustaining health issues, she decided to ditch the “no-pain, no-gain” mindset towards health and exercise. 


Now, after years of study and industry experience, Chantelle is passionate about adjusting your exercise plan to the natural ebbs and flows of life, and above all about feeling (and looking!) your best.

About Chantelle

Chantelle has a world-ranked NZIHF personal trainer qualification (levels 3 and 4) and is a Precision Nutrition level 1 student. 


She began her personal training career at a boutique Auckland gym in 2018, and within 2 years she was fully booked, with a waitlist and managing the facility. 


Unfortunately, the gym closed down due to Covid-19 lockdowns, by which time Chantelle had already set up a home studio gym. 


She wanted a more private, clean, personal space from which to connect with her clients better and to be closer to the community. 

Now, she works both from this studio and online specialising in group fitness classes and weight lifting for women.

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Chantelle's Garage

CM Fitness operates from a private home studio based in the Remuera/Ellerslie area. 


We have a treadmill, spin bike, rower machine, squat rack, pull-up bar, bench, dumbbells up to 25kgs, barbell and plates up to 125kgs, gymnastics rings, TRX, slam balls and much more. The only difference between Chantelle's Garage and a commercial gym are those very large, clunky machines. 


Access is by appointment only. You will need to book a free consultation first: