Who are we?

At CM Fitness, we believe that exercise doesn't always have to be hard.

Where are we?

CM Fitness operates from a private home studio in Ellerslie, Auckland

Where are you?

If you prefer to train from home or from your own gym, we can help.



I've been training with Chantelle for over 2 years now, and I have never been a person who's big on sports or exercise! Her positive attitude is what keeps me going back to every session, she pushes me to exactly the point that I'm still having fun but also challenging myself. She's incredibly attentive, and knows exactly when I need a break or a change, and has always been willing to learn new things so that I can explore different aspects of training that interest me. I've gained an incredible amount of strength and discipline, and while I'm proud of what I've achieved, I know I couldn't have done it without her help.


100% would recommend CM Fitness. I would have considered myself fairly fit before meeting Chantelle but she introduced me to weights which is something that I would never have dabbled in. She has constantly challenged me and I have consistently seen changes in what I've been able to achieve as well as physically on my body. Her energy and dedication to clients are some of her best attributes in my opinion.


I have been training with Chantelle for almost three years. When I started with her my goals were to lose weight, correct lower back pain, and feel good about my body.
We have achieved all of that and more. My posture has drastically improved and with that my back pain is gone. I have lost over 15kg and have built strength and endurance I didn’t know I was capable of. We have also made incredible headway in regards to my relationship with food. We frequently change up my workouts to keep things exciting while always keeping my yearly goals in mind.
Chantelle has pushed me hard but with generous support and care. She’s amazing!


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