Do you struggle to stay on-track with your eating? Have you tried every diet there is, but had no long-lasting results? 

This 6 week course is for you. 

Here is the most basic foundation of eating well and feeling good. It is about learning how to eat to your preferences but still get those results, for the least amount of effort. 

The course includes: 

  • 1 video module per week on a foundational nutrition habit, to change your results long-term 

  • A meal toolkit, including recipes 

  • Weekly check-ins and self-reflections 

  • Tracking progress via your smart watch or phone 

  • Badges and streaks to be earned 

  • Access to a live group where everyone is completing the same course 

  • If you sign up by 12 June and you live in the Auckland area in New Zealand, you'll have access to a live seminar and Q&A with Chantelle, every week! (Limited numbers available). 

What are you waiting for? 

It's time to master the basics. 

CMF Nourish Course